Best Winter Face Care Routine

Best Winter Face Care Routine

Here are the Best Winter Face Care Routine :


Winters can be nightmare for your skin. Those freezing breezes can make your skin dry, itchy and irritated. You need to put in some extra efforts during this season to keep you skin healthy and glowing. Here are some simple ways in which you can take care of your skin during winters –

Winter Skin Care


Stay Hydrated – Make water your best friend. The more you hydrate your body the more hydrated is your skin. If you forget to have water, slowly and steadily form a habit of sipping it at regular intervals by setting a reminder. It is not that difficult after all! 😊


Swamp your skin with moisturizer – During winters hold on to your moisturizer a little tighter. Harsh winters can make your skin dull and dry. Use oil-based moisturizers which help seal water in the skin and keep it supple for hours. We recommend choosing organic moisturizers and knowing it’s ingredients. Not only face, apply moisturizer on entire body after shower.


Munch on Veggies/ Fruits – Cucumbers and celeries naturally contain lot of water which makes them a perfect snack for your skin. Oranges, pumpkin, red peppers etc. are great for your skin as well since they contain antioxidants and beta-carotene. Last but not the least, add more greens to your daily food as the greener your food the merrier your skin!


Avoid chemical-based products – Do you know your skin is the largest organ and its nature is permeable? Meaning, whatever you put on your skin it will penetrate and mix into your blood stream. So avoid using products which contains antibacterial elements, are alcohol based or are filled with chemical based fragrances.


Turn down the heat and shower time – Be it the heat of your room heater or your shower water the more you heat it the more it will dry your skin. Added with soap, hot water can deplete the natural oil of your skin causing it to dry faster. In case your skin becomes itchy and red after shower, it is an indication that the hot water is drying your skin. Better keep it short.


Apply Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is like genie for skin and hair. Not only it is the best moisturizer for your skin, it also fights free radical damages of your skin. With coconut oil you can look youthful as it has high level of ferulic and p-coumaric acid and rich natural antioxidant properties. You can add coconut oil to your night regime as well.


Gently exfoliate your skin – You may think your dry skin does not need any rubbing or scrubbing but trust me you will do an ultimate favor to your skin by exfoliating it regularly even during winters. Not only will it take off the dry and dead skin cells but will also help in regenerating the new ones.


Apply the rule of Sunscreen for 365 days – Sun may be gentle during winters but UV rays are not. In winters too your skin can get damaged. While stepping-out apply sunscreen of SPF 30 at least. In fact, one must keep re-applying the sunscreen every two hours.