How to Remove makeup - Easy tips

How to Remove makeup - Easy tips

Trust me when I say you are doing a favor on your skin by removing makeup before going to bed or at the end of your day. We all pay a lot of attention and follow a lot of techniques while putting on makeup but we forget that washing it off is also not a great technique. Removing makeup is a ritual that should be taken seriously.

Here are some proven steps to remove makeup –

  • Wipe your face with a soft face wipe:

Wipe your face with

. For the most efficient use of each wipe as we claim 1 wipe can remove all makeup. Use "One Finger Roll" Technique - Roll a small part of the wipe on your finger to remove makeup/cleanse/exfoliate in a small area and keep changing the sections. Use another side of the wipe too if needed. This way you can use every inch of wipe and it will also avoid cross-contamination too. The best is to use them in Dab, Swirl (Hold n Massage area for 5 seconds) and swipe to take most stubborn makeup off in the first swipe itself. Here is a reference video –

Last and most important is, “DO NOT CUT OPEN PACK”. Use the transparent re-sealable flap on the front to pull the wipeout. A center oval window will open. While closing it gently press the pack to remove any extra air and reseal precisely setting the oval part back in the grove. This way wipes won’t dry out for months. Do not rub your skin while removing makeup but be gentle as much as possible. First, put the cleanser or the wet wipe on your skin so that makeup melts, and then wipe it off gently.

  • Do not ignore hairline:

Pull back your hair and gently run the wipes along the hairline, behind the ears, and under the chin to remove any hidden speck of makeup.

  • Remove your lipstick:

To remove lipstick the best product to use is petroleum jelly. Put petroleum jelly on your lips and after few minutes wipe it gently with a wipe. This will completely remove the lipstick without smudging it on your face.

  • Follow CTM routine:

That is Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. Cleanse your face properly with water and a good face wash, pat your face with a toner, and after a few moments gently massage your skin with a good moisturizer. BE WISE! BE KIND! BE BEAUTIFUL!