Skincare Products Glossary - Part 2

Skincare Products Glossary - Part 2

This blog is an extension of our

in which we were discussing the terms related to cosmetic products which will let you understand your product better.


Skincare Products Glossary:


  • Green & Sustainable Cosmetics – As the name suggests this means products made from natural (derived from nature) ingredients that are renewable. Traditionally petrochemical products were ‘IN’ and nowadays any product claiming ‘natural’, ‘organic’, or ‘sustainable’ is trustworthy.
  • Clinically Trialed – It means the product has been tried, tested, and monitored to prove the claim that it is as safe and effective as it promises to be. Be it reducing the appearance of fine lines or boosting hydration, these clinical trials are where this data is received and recorded.
  • Consumer Trials – Ever heard companies claiming 94% mahilaon ne mana ‘xyz’ product hai surakshit? This means the brand has carried a consumer trial The product is introduced to a chosen group of costumers, in a way given to them for trials before persuading them to buy the product.
  • Natural & Organic – When a company claims to be natural/ organic, this is a grey area to be in. If a product claims to be organic then it contains ingredients that are sourced from nature, rather than created synthetically in a lab. However, a complete natural/ organic product cannot sustain three weeks post the date of opening. If it sustains it is unlikely to be natural/ organic.
  • Absorbs Immediately – Faster absorptions mean the product has reached its target area in the skin and is considered to show better results than the product which is not absorbed immediately. Oil-based and moisturizer-based products tend to absorb faster than water-based.

In this series, we will come up with more such terms that will enable you better understand your cosmetic products and their utility. Be Beautiful, Be Wise and Be Kind!!!!