How to take care of skin in summer

How to take care of skin in summer

It’s again that time of year when we bid adieu to “garam chae ki pyali” and say Hiiiii to “Nimbu-Pani”, umbrellas will find their way out from the cupboard and in coordination with sunscreen will save us from the harmful UV rays. So, as the north pole is tilted more towards the sun and the sun is in its full form to burn your skin, pals!! you need to be extra careful!!!

Take Care of Your Skin in the Scorching Heat of Summers

Summer Skincare

We at KleenOwipe understand your love for your skin and here we are with the best tips to keep the sun from harming your beautiful beautiful skin!!!

  1. Clean your face twice a day – No matter how busy you are or how tired you are if you want your skin to behave, clean it twice. Swear by foaming face washes and clean your face in the morning and before sleeping!!
  2. Don’t forget to Exfoliate – In summers your skin is going to excrete more oil thus it will attract more dirt and the result will be dull and dry skin which is a big no-no!!! Exfoliating will not only remove all dry and dead cells from your pores but will also rejuvenate your skin and keep it healthy. So, take some time out and exfoliate your skin bud.
  3. Say hello to fresh toners – Just follow this blindly and use a refreshing toner (aloe vera or cucumber preferred) as they are cool and refreshing. A good toner will close all the pores which collect oil and dirt. So my friend swear by a good toner and see the magic!
  4. You must have heard a lot “WEAR A MOISTURIZER cum SUNSCREEN” – applying a moisturizer with SPF is always  better than applying no SPF at all! It evens out the skin tone and makes your skin look much more refined and clearer besides protecting it from the sun.
  5. Don’t forget H2O (Water) – Make it a habit of sipping water the whole day!!! Mind it the whole day!!! It not only flushes out harmful toxins from the body but also helps you look fresh and rejuvenated the whole day. 😊
  6. Keep wet wipes handy – Wet wipes are an instant fix to the scorching heat, extra oil, and sweat on your skin. At KleenOwipe we provide alcohol-free, chemical-free wipes that can be your best friend this summer. Check it out here.

Be beautiful and protect your skin!!!!