Best Skincare Prep before Makeup

Best Skincare Prep before Makeup

Do you love makeup? Of course, you do! So, you must also know that right skincare prior to the application of makeup is really important. Undermining the benefits of good skincare can cost you your skin. Also, for your makeup to look seamless and smooth, pre-makeup prep is paramount. Makeup might make you look radiant but it harms your skin. So before applying any, ensure that your skin is taken care of. Makeup is basically dirt that clogs our pores and inflames our skin. So before putting it, your skin must be properly cleaned, toned, moisturized so that makeup does not directly enter your skin and causes long-term damage. Here’s why you must do proper skincare before putting on any makeup


Skincare Prep before Makeup:

  • Clear and moisturized skin makes makeup flawless – When you paint on clear paper the color of the image looks clear and perfect. The same is with your skin…makeup on a skin that is cleansed, exfoliated, toned, and moisturized gives a seamless, smooth, and radiant makeup look.
  • Good skin requires less makeup – Why one uses makeup in the first place? It is to make the skin look good and highlight the best features of the face. So, when your skin is good naturally, you will eventually need lesser products.
  • Long-lasting makeup – Have you ever heard people complaining of broken makeup and makeup not staying long? The answer to this lies in proper skincare. In case your skin is not clean it will accumulate dirt and oil which in turn will build texture and not allow makeup to spread evenly on the skin. If the skin is not properly hydrated (moisturized) the skin will dry up and the makeup will wear off from your skin.
  • Adds to the confidence – Great skin and flawless makeup boost your confidence and cheers you up.

Follow these steps before applying any makeup:

  • Deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin – A clean and exfoliated skin will provide you seamless makeup experience.
  • Moisturize your skin – A moisturizer is a must before applying foundation as foundations are full of chemicals that may cause skin imbalance. Moisturizers protect the skin from any such undesired reaction by acting as a barrier.
  • Primer – It does two things. First, primers are used to make your makeup last longer. Second, it acts as a layer between your skin and chemical-laden makeup.
  • Never neglect your eyes – Apply a cooling agent and then an eye cream to make it look flawless before putting any concealer or colored shadows.

Every time if you follow these super simple rules, surely you would have good skin and better makeup results! Be Beautiful! Be Kind! 😊