Tips for Skincare : Overnight Skincare Routines

Tips for Skincare : Overnight Skincare Routines

You wake up this morning, reach for your mobile and as soon as you hit Instagram, what do you see? Your favourite beauty influencer’s early morning #wokeuplikethis post. We know you probably don’t believe that clean, healthy and pore-less skin is possible first thing in the morning. But here’s where you are wrong! A night skincare routine is essential for your skin’s health.

Why all this fuss about skincare

Going to bed without it is a leading cause of blemishes, lines, and premature aging. Why does this happen? Every day, your face is exposed to a range of damaging factors - pollution, sun exposure, dead cell build-up, and even the chemicals and ingredients in your beauty products are often times responsible. These can clog your pores and lead to acne. Does this mean you throw away your favourite skincare products? No! We can reduce the impact of the sun, pollution, and products we use by following this highly effective night skincare routine that will work wonders on your skin as you sleep.

What to include in your night skincare routine

Following a skincare routine before you get your daily dose of shuteye is fairly simple - even if your current regimen includes a few splashes of water on the face before the lights go off. Here’s where our guide steps in. You don’t need to stock up on expensive beauty, wellness and skincare products to get going with your night skincare routine. There are alternatives that don’t burn a hole in your silk pajamas, are convenient to use and just as effective. Here’s everything you need to know.

Night Skincare Routines :

Night skincare routine rule #1: Remove your makeup

No matter how tired you are, always take your make off. When makeup stays on overnight, not only will your skin secrete extra oil but it will also trap dust, pigments and minerals from the cosmetics, and not allow skin to breathe. This is one of the reasons for lines and blemishes. We recommend: A micellar water-based skincare product should do the trick for all skin types! We recommend using KleenOWipe 3-in-1 Micellar Water Facial Wipes. The secret ingredients? These alcohol-free, paraben-free skincare wipes do not have added colourants. What they have plenty of is micellar water, vitamin E and calendula oil extract. The trio helps remove excess oil, dirt and dead skin and is a quick fix for particularly busy nights.

Night skincare routine rule #2: Scrub & Cleanse

You don’t need to exfoliate your skin every night! Your skin has a natural 28-day cycle for shedding off dead cells. But for women with oily skin, we recommend a gentle exfoliating routine once a week that will help get rid of dull cells, leading to a smooth even skin tone. A cleanser ensures that your skin is completely free of dirt before it can begin absorbing the nutrients you will apply in the coming steps. While most of us can use an oil-based cleanser, if your skin is naturally oily, go for something that contains salicylic acid to counter the sebum secretion. We recommend: KleenOWipe Deep Cleansing & Exfoliating Facial Wipes are double-sided and dual-textured facial wipes infused with salicylic acid. The textured side is integrated with microspheres that act as a gentle exfoliator. The soft side acts as a gentle cleanser, controlling flaky skin and revealing a fresh, even tone.

Night skincare routine rule #3: Toning

Now that you’ve scrubbed the dirt away and cleansed it off excess oil and dead skin cells, it’s time to replenish your skin’s natural pH balance. Choose a toner that’s gentle and hydrating. If you follow this step, a good toner will prevent acne, eliminate blackheads and unclog stubborn pores over time. We recommend: KleenOWipe 3-in-1 Micellar Water Facial Wipes for a one-step CTM routine. The calendula oil extract in this wipe helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance to reveal a soft, supple skin tone.

Night skincare routine rule #4: Serenade with Serum

Serums are a concentrate of essential oils and nutrients, like superfood for the skin. Women with dry skin can opt for a vitamin C-based serum that lightens spots and revitalises the skin (although this may sting a little, please consult a dermatologist if you have any skin allergies). It’s alright to use it every other day. Those with oily skin can bank on salicylic acid and retinoids (chemical compound of vitamin A).

Night skincare routine rule #5: Underneath your eyes

The skin under your eyes is more sensitive than the rest of your face. It’s the first to show signs of inflammation (irritated skin, rashes, burning) and fatigue. Use soothing and tightening ingredients like chamomile, green tea and caffeine - preferably a cream that is dispensed through a metallic roller.

Night skincare routine rule #6: Nourish with moisturiser

All the products you’ve used so far need to benefit your skin, not your pillow, as you sleep. A handy tip: apply products from the lightest to the heaviest. Moisturiser is the heaviest as it traps everything else under it, ensuring that your skin gets the nutrients it deserves. Remember that sleep is recovery and as your skin regenerates, moisturiser acts as a catalyst for the process. We recommend: KleenOWipe 3-in-1 Micellar Water Facial Wipes for a one-step CTM routine. The calendula oil extract in this wipe helps restore the skin’s natural pH balance to reveal a soft, supple skin tone.
Think of a night skincare routine as an investment that will show results later in life. Carve out some time for yourself, just before you go to bed, and get down to it. Let us see your #wokeuplikethis post after you tried our night skincare routine guide! Tag @kleen_o_wipe on Instagram.
A note from our Skincare Wellness team: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the safest and most convenient option is the single-use wipe. When used correctly, at no point will your fingers come in contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth. After usage, dispose the wipe in a dustbin, do not reuse. Reseal the pack with the front flap to retain moisture.