Coffee benefits for skin and ways to use it

Coffee benefits for skin and ways to use it

You might need a cup of coffee to kick start your day but do you have any idea how coffee can benefit your skin? Let’s discuss the benefits of coffee for your skin as coffee not only wakes you up but also your skin!!! Coffee has antioxidants that will remove the dead skin cells and give your skin a fresh glow as it is an excellent exfoliator. So next time when you want an instant glow just take a teaspoon of coffee and rub it on your skin with water and tadaa!! You'd be amazed by the results. Did you know coffee can reduce stretch marks too? Yes, you read it right :)

Coffee for skin Coffee for skin

Let’s look at other benefits of coffee and ways to use it :

  • Reduces cellulite – The caffeine in coffee is the key to cellulite reduction in your body. Rubbing coffee on your skin will improve the overall blood flow which in return will reduce cellulite.
  • Best exfoliator – Coffee does not dissolve in cold water, which makes it a great scrub removing dead skin cells from your skin. Also, coffee has antimicrobial properties that protect your skin against germs.
  • Protects from Sun – Summer is around the corner. Make coffee your best friend in this season as it contains antioxidants, such as polyphenols. These may help to protect against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and some signs of aging caused due to sun exposure.
  • Acne Treatment – It has everything from antioxidants to chlorogenic acid which is effective in fighting acne. Scrubbing with a coffee can remove dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. The result….. acne-free face!
  • Removes stubborn dark circles and puffiness – Caffeine in coffee is great for removing dark circles and puffiness by improving blood circulation.

Ways to use it –

  • For Glowing skin – Mix coffee powder, raw milk, and honey and apply this mixture on cleansed face and neck. After 15 minutes wash it with cold water
  • For Acne – Mix coffee powder, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and honey. Apply it to cleansed face and wash after 20 minutes with cold water.
  • For Sunburn – Mix coffee, turmeric, and few drops of lemon and apply on cleansed face. Leave it for 15 minutes then wash it with cold water.
  • For Dark circles – Mix coffee grounds, olive oil and make a consistent paste by adding few drops of water. Apply it under the eyes and wipe it with a wet cloth after 20 minutes.

So, make coffee your new friend and have refreshing skin and mornings !!! Stay Healthy…… Stay Beautiful! 😊